About moi


Hello, World !
Mohammad Rahim is speaking (Lebanese “Rahim”, not Indian…), and here’s a little something about me:

I started messing with computers since the age of 4, with windows 3.1, i still remember the first time i discovered how to change the background, since then i fell in love, after nearly a decade, in 2002 i guess, i learned “Macromedia” Flash 4, which gave me some perception about how things really work, and how much it can be complicated (to a 12 years old boy) to create a simple move, especially when ActionScript was very young.

Anyway, you may wonder why i created this blog and for what purpose. well it’s simple, my work as a Systems Engineer is very dry, you work you create you fix you improve, but no one notice, you have limited interaction with people, and a limited space to “create”. So i wanted to try something new, to be an active part of the community by sharing some of my experience.

I hope you find this blog beneficial, and feel free to contact me 🙂

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